supplements vitamins for inactive thyroid?

What OTC supplements or vitamins can be used for inactive thyroid?

The thyroid needs a lot of iodine, and if you are short it can slow things down. You can just paint the tincture of iodine on relatively tender skin-- like the inside of your thigh. If you can't see it in a couple of hours, your body is grabbing it,

What does it mean if you go for a check-up and discover that you have elevated blood calcium.Thyroid was good.

I don't consume very much dairy,I take no vitamin supplements,thyroid was fine and all other blood work was ok.I just want to know why I would have an elevated calcium in my bloodwork.

Your body may be poorly absorbing calcium, or poorly using it. Calcium use depends on other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D and phosphorus. Otherwise, you may not be using calcium as efficiently as possible.

Talk to you doctor.

your thriod is your hormone gland you hormones are the level thir suppose to be i am pretty sure high blood clacium i dunno

Please Help Does anyone know of what vitamins are good for the pituitary and thyroid gland?


Hey Butterfly !! Please please please go to an alternative therapist or naturopath in your local area and get fully assessed as i feel that i lack the full spectrum of knowledge in this area to be able to assist you effectively in regaining full health

what vitamins can i take that will help with underactive thyroid?

i have an underactive thyroid and i,m taking 200mg of thyroxine every day, plus citalpram afor depression, but i still feel that there is more i can do to improve by taking a vitamin supplement as well but because of the thyroxine and citalpram i,m taking

Iodine is the only supplement which helps with the thyroid, but you need to check with your doctor before taking it;