Are B complex vitamins good for leg cramps?

I don't know, but potassium really helped with mine.

what vitamins are best for musle leg cramps?

when I wake up & start to stretch out my legs before getting up I get horrible leg cramps

Try eating a banana. These are good for muscle cramps. They are high in potassium.

potassium maybe? vitamin b?
just take a multivitamin and a cal-mag-zinc every day, and flax oil or fish oil
then eat a sensible diet...
that should cover vitamins

are you hydrated?

internet is saying

What can I give my three year old for leg cramps?

She has been getting up almost every night crying and we thought maybe it was nightmares but last night her toes were pointed out and I know that maks them worse.I started to rub her legs and she relaxed.Other than vitamins and bananas ,what can I give

Try having her stretch before bedtime, after a warm bath so the muscles are warm and relaxed. Have her sit on the floor with her legs outstretched and have her bend forward. Then have her lay on her back, legs straight up and bend her foot flat and

Muscle cramps in hamstring and calf--what minerals vitamins are good to treat this?

I have a weak Left knee to begin with. For the past few months I have been getting a charlie horse in both my hamstring and my calf. It can linger throughout the day.
There have been times that it never goes away.

It gets worse when

Potassium, magnesium, and calcium. n/Health/legcramp.htm