I'm opening a vitamin store, and the name is health emporium, I'm looking for a good line under the store name?

I'm opening a vitamin-Health Food store and the name is "health emporium". I'm looking for a good caption line under the store name. For example my Friend's store name is "The Health pantry" and the caption line is "where everything

Pay less, Die less!

How much are Vitamin Waters where you live?

Please say where you live and how much they are please.
They are normally $1.59 at most gas stations in DFW...but I just got a bunch for $.79 at Drug Emporium.

(I ask because someone asked me and made me curious. like New York...everyone

I live in Phx, Az
it depends on where you go, normally at a gas station they are $1.59 plus tax,
at walmart they are cheaper about $1 plus tax
and where I work(inside a gym), we sell them for $1.75 even.

$1.59 regular
$1.00 on sale
... in maryland