Is Vitamin C a blood thinner?

I take 500mg of vitamin C everyday. I will have surgery next month and need to know.

Of course not.
It's just a waste of money.

No, vitamin C is not a blood thinner. That's Aspirin, that prevent platelets from adhering. Aspirin and vit C are different things, although both have a sour taste.

does vitamin C thins blood?

i am having a breast surgery tomorrow, and i im wondering if it is safe for me to take vitamin c today??

you shouldn't be taking anything before surgery, really. But I am fairly sure Vitamin C won't thin your blood. It's a water soluble vitamin, which means you can take much more than your daily recommended dose without any problem. Your body simply removes

vitamin c is good for your immune system to ward of colds but it does not thin the blood .IF you have surgery tomorrow ,then the doctor already told you what you can take and what not

Can you have too much vitamin C?

I have a cold, so I'm drinking a lot of orange juice and mixing it with Emergen-C immunity booster. Is that too much viatmin C? My friend told me that too much vitamin C can thin your blood or something.
Emergen-C Immune Plus System Booster has

Yes, but I have heard that you can take it until it brings about a mild diarhea.

Ways to Get my Period Earlier?!?

I have heard that extra levels of vitamin C as well as Apirin (as a blood thinner) and Green Tea can all help your period come a few days early. is this true or do you know of other ways?

Truth is that there is no real way to get your period earlier, your body will have a period when its ready to. And its regulated by a part of your brain called the pituitary gland, it sends out signals to tell your body what to do.