is it okay to take prenatal vitamins from Sam's Club?

I only have two samples left of my regular prenatals (my doctor gives me samples instead of prescription) but i was at Sams Club this morning and saw that they had a bottle of Prenatal multivitamin (members mark brand) 800 mcg Folic Acid per tablet...

They're all basically the same. I bought the generic Target brand w/ my first pregnancy & the generic Walgreens brand w/ my second. Save yourself some money and get the Sams brand.

of course they are all right. as long as you are taking something - it doesn't matter the brand name of the vitamin. good luck ♥

how sams club member's mark whole milk vitamin D is manufactured?

i want to know if they add the ingriedents naturally or they use animal fat to put increase %age of Vit A or D?

Check the label of the gallon.

Can you purchase vitamins in Sam's club without membership?

i dont know. they might let it slide if you have a credit card. but i would look into it and see.

I want to start taking vitamins, what do you suggest?

My boss mentioned today that I should start taking vitamins because I'm always tired...

I namely want to take vitamins for better energy, memory, and something for my complexion if possible. However, i dont want to take a bazillion pills

Try going down to a health food store or a GMC type store and tell them what you want out of it. They should be able to help you pick something out.

I don't take any vitamins except some vitamin C when I feel I am coming down from something.