Is kirkland multi vitamins better or one a day for woman?

I've been contemplating which one to buy. I'm 17 and most of the food I eat doesn't give me my daily nutrients needed. will it help me grow?

They are basically the same, both synthetic. If you are really looking into quality and organic, go to, click on vitamins then click on Women's Health. Get the Women’s Supplement Pack. It contains Daily Multivitamins, Cal Mag

Kirkland will help, but nothing replaces a good balanced diet.

Is kirkland signature multi vitamins good ?

i ordered these vitamins but i really don't know if it's a good brand and good products or not .. can anyone tell me if you used it and had a good result ?

Yeah, they're fine. The quality is good and they last ages.

i use them, and with a multi vitamin, generally any kind is good, unless your looking for something more specific, like ones formulated for men, women, or people of 50 etc, because they need more vitamins

Who manufactures Kirkland Signature brand vitamins?

does anyone know who actually manufactures costco's kirkland signature brand vitamins or who the biggest vitamin manufacturer is who they might be using or who all the big chain stores use to private label their own vitamins? if you have any ideas or

I have been searching for that information for years. It is simply not made available to the public for some reason. Perhaps get a bottle of kirkland and see if there is a number on it. I havent specifically asked about kirkland before but I couldnt find

How does kirkland vitamin C with rosehip look like?

My aunt from the states sent us Kirkland multivitamin pack without a box so I was wondering which one is the Vitamin c with rosehips. If you can give me the complete ID of the rest of the tablets, I'll be very happy.


White --chalk color--oblong. somewhat large, and thick, no writing on it anywhere.
ID--look and read