Can I take geritol vitamins and my prenatal vitamins at the same time?

I'm TTC I'm taking prenatal vitamins but I've heard that you can take geritol vitamins too. What I wanted to know is if I can ake them at the same time or not?

Yes I beleive you can look on the bottle and it will say do not take If........

:)good luck!

Can geritol & prenatal vitamins help you conceive a baby even if you have polysystic ovaries and no mentrual?

I have not had a mentrual in about 2 years. The only time I did get one is when I was taking clomid from my Dr. Can someone help me with this issue? My fiance & I have been together for 14 years and we are getting married soon and would like to have

Prenatal vitamins reduce the chance of certain birth defects when you do get pregnant... so it's good to start taking them when you start trying, just to prepare your body. However, they're not fertility pills. They will not increase your chance of

I don't think that will help you get pregnant. Has your Dr ever prescribed Glucophage or its generic Metformin HCL? This is a treatment used by many women with PCOD, myself included. It is actually a diabetes medication but has been shown to be very

Has anyone ever gotten pregnant after taking Womens vitamins or Geritol?

I've heard a few people got pregnant after taking these.

I have heard of women taking geritol and getting pregnant...I took them for 3mos and I gained weight and feel heathier,but not pregnant...YET...Im taking Fertility Blend now,they're all vits...**BABYDUST TO ALL***I have FAITH we will all get BFP's so

2 Questions about Geritol Vitamins?

I am about to start taking these vitamins for PCOS and I heard it could help with skin problems like keratosis pilaris. Here are 2 simple questions:
-Which brand of Geritol supplements should I take to make results occur faster?
-Are there