How can they legalize Herbal Incense but not Marijuana?

Im not trying to protest about the laws against weed im just wondering why would they legalize Herbal Incense when Marijuana is way less harmful.

Something to be aware of is that its NOT legal to use it as a drug. It is ONLY legal to posses, buy, sell, and use in ways that do not include human or animal consumption.

Read the label. It will say, every time, without fail... "not

They didn't legalize it. It never existed until a while back, so there was never a law against it. Things are legal by default. The cops can't arrest you for breaking laws that don't exist.

Since the stuff's been invented, various states

What herbal plants are illegal in the herbal incense that use to be sold in louisiana. .?

i need to know the new law for louisiana on what plants are illegal now in herbal incense

anything with JWH-018 in it, also salvia

basically all the good shit, the new legal around here is really bad

What is the Louisiana law against Herbal Incense?

Now that herbal incense is illegal, this new Aromatic Potpourri has hit the shelves with the same concept of Herbal Incense.

I'm trying to understand how this is possible, & legally being done.

The pack says "Not

I think that they are just using a different synthetic cannabinoid. For instance where one blend may have contained Skullcap (banned) sprayed with JWH-018 (banned), the NEW blends may contain Mullein (legal) sprayed with JWH-250 (legal).


When the DEA bans herbal incense, what exactly is banned? Selling, buying, possessing or all 3?

Will it be illegal for me to have these products? I just bought 7 pounds of Mr. Nice Guy. And please don't respond with how this isn't for consumption or how bad it is or any other BS. I just need to know the laws.... Precisely.

All 3 are now illegal. 4 chemicals (including some that were in Mr. Nice Guy) are now considered Schedule I drugs. Check out Greenade Herbal Incense on eBay though, it has no chems and surprisingly does the trick quite well. Legal everywhere too so