Has anyone notice the specs or particles inside the bottle of Kirkland bottled Diet Green Tea with Citrus?

I just noticed the specs or particles I haven't noticed before in the Kirkland Green Tea with Citrus. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the aged soda. The expiration states it's Best By 04/09/11. I thought this just some of the ingridients

yes it happens when you shake the bottle and it makes fizzies out of the cemichal

Does the Kirkland brand diet green tea with citrus have caffeine?

I am diabetic and try to stay away from drinks that have a lot of caffeine in them (because I take insulin). The bottle doesn't say it's decaf and I don't know if it is or not.

If the bottle does not say caffeine free, then it has caffeine in it. Green tea has less caffeine than regular tea, but still has some.

Kirkland Diet green tea with citrus, Is it really 0 calories?!?

It says its 0 calories and i cant believe it!
Oh and i read it is sweetend with cancer causing sweatners! is this true?

Tea has no calories.

They use artificial sweetener wich has no cloires, and articififal citrus flavors also no cals.

Does diet green tea have caffeine or does it rehydrate you well?

I'm not seeing any caffeine on the bottle, nor does it say non caffeinated. It is Diet green tea, the Kirkland brand, with citrus. Thank you


Yes, all teas have caffeine -- unless it states very clearly on the box that

it is decaffeinated.